Liechtenstein is a world champion in recycling

13 March 2018 | updated 13 March 2018

Eschen – Liechtenstein has the world’s highest recycling rate at 65 per cent. At the 7th Knowledge Exchange of the Energy Network in Liechtenstein, Elkuch Josef AG also demonstrated how the recycling process itself can contribute to climate action.

The 7th Knowledge Exchange of the Energy Network for the Economy in Liechtenstein took place last Thursday and dealt with the question of how waste is transformed into secondary raw materials. Some 100 guests were taken on a tour of the recycling centre of Elkuch Josef AG in Eschen, as Liechtenstein media reported on the weekend.

At the recycling centre, project manager Björn Berchtel explained how recycling itself can be made more sustainable. For instance, Elkuch Josef AG saves around 37,700 kilograms of CO2 emissions annually by using an electric balance crane instead of a diesel one. What’s more, some 60 per cent of the energy consumed in the facility is generated by a company-owned photovoltaic system.

Andreas Gstöhl from the Office of the Environment shared with participants the good news that Liechtenstein is a world champion in recycling with a rate of 65 per cent. Every resident of Liechtenstein recycles on average around 460 kilograms of recyclable material each year.

At the same time, the country is also one of the world’s leading producers of waste with 220 kilograms of rubbish per inhabitant. This situation could be improved somewhat if people avoid using disposable cutlery or choose tap water over bottled mineral water, the environmental expert said.