Lucerne startup offers SMEs digital solution for office work

16 April 2018 | updated 16 April 2018

Lucerne – A Lucerne-based startup has declared war on paperwork. Its software Klara, which is available to SMEs free of charge, carries out accounting and administrative tasks on its own. Data protection is a top priority in the free digital office out of Lucerne’s Silicon Valley.

The cloud-based application from the IT company Axon Active automates bureaucratic processes, according to an article on “Klara is a digital assistant,” said Peter Deflosse, CEO of Axon Active, on the free software for SMEs. “All the different market players are involved – it is an ecosystem in itself.”

The free digital office can perform recurring tasks such as registering new employees with the Swiss pension scheme, but it can also independently carry out new tasks based on the information submitted. For accounting tasks, for instance, it is enough to enter the invoice in pdf format; Klara takes care of the rest, from reading the invoice to payment. 

Lucerne’s Silicon Valley places more emphasis on data protection than its Californian namesake. “Facebook is having a meltdown,” said Deflosse. With Klara, in contrast, users control the use of their data themselves.

The application is available free of charge to SMEs, and the platform is financed by partners including Mobiliar, Suva and Valiant Bank. “At the Axon Group, the focus is not on profit,” said Klara’s CEO Renato Stadler, who nonetheless expects the startup to be turning a profit in two years’ time.

Klara is based in Lucerne, like the headquarters of the Axon Group. “Lucerne is an ideal location for us,” said Stadler, especially as it is possible to find a large number of skilled professionals there. “This is particularly important for the IT industry.”