University of Liechtenstein explores blockchain

11 October 2017 | updated 11 October 2017

Vaduz – A series of events at the University of Liechtenstein will explore the effects of blockchain technology on the financial sector. The successful kickoff event determined that blockchain could become as important as the internet.

Around 115 participants from teaching and practice attended the launch event for the University of Liechtenstein’s Blockchain in Finance series on October 6.

Four renowned speakers discussed the potential of blockchain technology in the financial economy, revealed the university in a statement.  

Johannes Schneider from the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein presented the technology. In his talk, he considered the safety issues associated with blockchain.

Mauro Casellini spoke about Bank Frick’s experiences with cryptocurrencies, for which the banking expert also highlighted several existing investment tools.

The talk given by Demelza Hays, a doctoral student at the University of Liechtenstein, was dedicated to the opportunities and dangers of so-called initial coin offerings, an unregulated crowd financing method based on cryptocurrencies.   

Patrick Bont from the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority held the concluding presentation on the regulatory aspects of blockchain technology.

The speakers and participants together summarized that blockchain technology will change the financial sector as the internet did. They also agreed that the technology is still “in its infancy”.