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NewsTech Offer

Our NewsTech solution reimagines the synergies between news, IT and social media.
It facilitates the cost-effective production and distribution of network-compatible news articles.
This helps to future-proof your communications strategy.

News articles


  • Network-compatible news production.
  • In German and English, other languages possible.
  • Distribution by relevance in CE channels.
  • You can also publish the news articles on your own channels.



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  • Newsfeed on your website.
  • 3-5 news articles per week on your themes.
  • Selection of news articles in line with your criteria.



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  • Newsletter with the news articles in line with your criteria.
  • Event notices possible as well.
  • Based on template of punkt4.info/swisstrade.com.
  • Our solution protects your mailing list against third-party access.



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The key:

Network-compatible news articles


Network-compatible news articles are the gateway to the information world. They are concise, incisive and easily grasped.


As such, they fit in with the shorter attention spans of modern readers. They are suitable for all channels, especially social networks.


Network-compatible news articles are not hidden behind paywalls or log-in credentials. Both the transparency of news sources and our journalistic values guarantee credibility as well.


The production of network-compatible news articles is a complex process. Only a news agency can handle the production of articles of this kind.


NewsTech for companies

We share your insights with the business world.


Do you want to target the information you share about your company in a meaningful way? We have developed a platform that allows you to do this: Your insights become news items written by journalists that reach C-level decision-makers worldwide via our channels. Target group-specific, reputable and networkable.


What’s in it for you?

You have a continuous presence in the news world. And the effect is sustainable: relevant news about innovative companies continues to be read years later. You control the information that is shared about you. All you have to provide is keyword-like input: we then turn this into a serious news item for our channels, which you can also use for your communications.

NewsTech for organizations

We put you and your stakeholders in the spotlight.


Do you want to target the information you share about your organization or your stakeholders in a meaningful way? We have developed a platform that allows you to do this: We produce serious, customized content for newsletters and news tickers, which we also manage for you.


What’s in it for you?

You maintain continuous dynamics across our news channels. You decide which topics are relevant to your organization’s target market. You can also use the news for your own communications at any time.

The seal of quality:

This is journalism instead of content marketing


We are a news agency. We produce network-compatible news articles that are written by experienced journalists. We keep three key criteria in mind at all times: Relevance, truth, clarity.

This means that our journalists produce the news independently, ruling out the possibility of any “spin”. This objectivity is also in the interest of the sender: Only when the reader trust the news article in front of them will they absorb the information it contains. Any hint of advertising destroys credibility.


We operate more than 75 national and global news channels on a daily to weekly basis for our partners.


Global channels

English-language newsletters


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  swisstrade news weekly  
2   Spotlight Swiss Business Hub USA, New York monthly  

  Spotlight Swiss Forum, Los Angeles

4   Spotlight Swiss Canadian Business News, Vancouver   monthly  
5   Spotlight Swiss Business UAE, Dubai monthly  
6   Spotlight Hongkong, Hongkong monthly  
7   SEC Monthly, Central East Europe monthly  
8   SwissCham Mexico, Mexico City monthly  
9   Spotlight Swiss-ASEAN Business, Singapore monthly  
10   Spotlight on Swiss-Indian Business, Mumbai monthly  
11   economico.pro every second week  
12   Spotlight on Taiwan Circular Economy, Taipei monthly  
13   Spotlight on GBI India, Bangalore quarterly  


Swiss & DACHLI-region channels

German-language newsletters


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be-connected News aus dem Kanton Bern   every second week  
circular economy news   every second week  
ECO! News - Kanton Aargau   every second week  
GZA Monitor   daily Mo-Fr  
Liechtenstein Innovation   weekly  
The Future of Food & Farming   monthly  
Next Generations News   every second week  
punkt4 Energiewoche   weekly  
punkt4 Limmatstadt   daily Mo-Fr  
punkt4 Nachhaltigkeit   weekly  
punkt4 Zukunft Wirtschaft   daily Mo-Fr  
SAQ - Swiss Association for Quality   monthly  
Stimme der Wirtschaft   twice a week  
swiss export news   weekly  
Die Wirtschaftsregion Winterthur im Überblick   monthly  








Aarau Services DE / EN Luzern Business DE / EN
BaselArea DE / EN Nidwalden DE / EN
be-connected DE Obwalden DE / EN
Bio-Technopark Schlieren DE punkt4.info DE
Booster Magazin DE Schwyz Next DE
Businessindustry DE SHIFT Switzerland DE
circular economy switzerland DE St.Gallen Bodensee Area DE / EN
circular plus DE sustainability today EN
economico.pro EN swiss export EN
Energie bewegt Winterthur DE SWISS TEXTILES DE / EN
Fundscene DE swisstrade.com EN
Greater Zurich Area DE / EN swisstrade SwissCham HK EN
Healthtechpark Schlieren DE Switzerland Global Enterprise DE / EN
Healthtech Schwyz EN Technopark Luzern DE / EN
ImmoInvest DE Technopark Zürich DE
Liechtensteinischer Bankenverband DE / EN Wirtschaftsraum Zürich DE
Liechtenstein Business DE / EN United Networker DE
Liechtenstein Finance DE / EN Unternehmer Zeitung DE
Limmatstadt DE Wirtschaftsförderung Oftringen Rothrist Zofingen DE
LOGISTIK ONLINE DE Zürcher Handelskammer DE


News agency

We are journalists.
We love facts.
We are committed to truth and transparency.

The news agency Café Europe was founded in St. Gallen in 2005. Today, the Winterthur-based editorial team and a dozen international correspondents produce relevant business news on a daily basis - short, concise and understandable in German, English and Chinese. This is done using a specially developed NewsTech platform, which is constantly being expanded in cooperation with IT partners.




for companies:

Holger Bazali

Marketing & Sales Director

Fon: +41-44-306 47 64

Mail: holger.bazali@cafe-europe.info


for organizations:

Steffen Klatt

Managing Director

Fon: +41-44-306 47 60

Mail: steffen.klatt@cafe-europe.info


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