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Business location agencies

Are you an organization that wants to make your town, city or region more visible at home and abroad? We write news about companies, innovations or trends, allowing you to showcase the strengths of your location clearly and convincingly.

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Are you an association that wants to put your members in the spotlight they deserve? Publish the latest news about your members, share it among your network and ours. Create a company wiki to provide a one-of-a-kind overview of all your member companies and their activities.

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Are you an innovative company that wants to share its successes with a wider audience – investors, suppliers, other partners or customers – in a serious and straightforward manner? Are you interested in receiving industry-specific information?

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Are you a media company in need of content that is professionally produced, hot-o-the-press and customized to a specic region? We write daily news on the topics and from the regions that matter to you most.

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We make News.

in three languages.

Your individualized news feed

You choose the topics, we research, write, keyword, translate and deliver the news directly to you via RSS feed, API interface or newsletter.

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Your internal newsletter

We provide you with an overview of everything that is relevant at this moment in your area of focus. You tell us what you need, we respond by compiling news about sectors, policy areas or public debates, which we then send to you and your stakeholders in the form of a newsletter.

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Your digital newspaper

punkt4.info is our digital business newspaper, one that you can tailor to your individual needs to provide your target audience with the latest news on your area of focus. Daily, on the dot to your recipient list.

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About us.

We are journalists.
We love facts.
We are committed to truth and transparency.

Café Europe was established in St. Gallen in 2005. Working closely with a global network of foreign correspondents, we provided original news on foreign affairs and business to German-language regional newspapers seven days per week.

In 2008, we began writing news about business, politics and innovation for associations, companies and organisations.

The former industrial city of Winterthur is now our home. Our small and efficient team researches, writes and publishes news in German, English and French. Our focus has always been on providing you with the facts, something that is needed now more than ever.

Points of contact

Wir sind ein flexibles Team aus Profis in den Bereichen Journalismus, IT, Networking, die mit und für uns auf verschiedenen Kontinenten arbeiten. Ihre Ansprechpartner sind:

Steffen Klatt
Managing Director
worked as an editor at the St. Galler Tagblatt and as a correspondent in the French- speaking part of Switzerland and at the EU and NATO in Brussels, where he experienced first-hand the high point of print journalism, before founding the news agency Café Europe in 2005. Today, he is CEO of the digital news service Café Europe Nachrichtenagentur AG.

Fon: +41-44-306 47 60
Mail: steffen.klatt@cafe-europe.info

Yvonne von Hunnius
Editor in Chief
is a journalist through and through. After studying political science, Yvonne helped establish the magazine Week in Vorarlberg, Austria. She joined Café Europe in St.Gallen, Switzerland in 2008, where she was responsible for the online sustainability magazine nachhaltigkeit.org, and then became the head of digital communication at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Today, she is editor-in-chief at Café Europe.

Fon: +41-44-306 47 66
Mail: yvonne.vonhunnius@cafe-europe.info

Holger Bazali
Marketing & Sales Director
After completing his basic commercial training and an apprenticeship as a programmer, Holger Bazali studied art and photography in New York and Paris. In the meantime, as a business all-rounder and specialist for start-ups, he has more than 20 years of experience in building and developing companies and organizations. In various capacities, he has already worked with and for Café Europe since 2008. Today, as Head of Marketing & Sales, he promotes the further development and sales of products and services at Café Europe.

Fon: +41-44-306 47 64
Mail: holger.bazali@cafe-europe.info